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Marvel Studios is releasing the most anticipated African American superhero movie ever
Help the Get Global Network send children to see it, FREE!

Conceived in 1966, the Black Panther action series comic book was a bold move for Marvel Comics. Two years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law and almost one hundred years after the passing of the 14th Amendment, Marvel introduced the first true african super hero, Black Panther in their Fantastic Four comic book.

100% of the "PUT 5 ON IT" donations will be used to purchase tickets for the children

Help the Get Global Network send a minimum of 100 Dallas inner-city boys and girls 7-12 years old, to see the BLACK PANTER movie during the 1st or 2nd weekend of its initial run
To PUT 5 ON IT all you need to do is click on the button below to send $5.00 (or more) via Paypal. Tell a friend to #put5onit and tell that friend to ask a friend, then get that friend to keep up the chain of giving to our children. It's that easy.
WORKING TOGETHER, you can help us send a huge number of inner-city youth to this movie. In some cases this may be the FIRST time that many of these children have ever even been INSIDE of a movie theatre, let's make it a memorable and historic occasion for them!

100% of the "PUT 5 ON IT" donations will be used to purchase tickets for the children

We are reaching out to churches, youth organizations, and will start to use social media and word of mouth to distribute the tickets, because we will not be able to provide transportation to the theatre. We have contacted a few organizations and we are already making arrangements for 75, of our original goal of 100 tickets, to be distributed to boys and girls, 7-12 years of age. The response has been great, but we want to get tickets for MANY more than our goal of 100 children, so HELP US and #put5onit!

100% of the "PUT 5 ON IT" donations will be used to purchase tickets for the children

Special thanks to these organizations and businesses that are working with us to send children to the movie:
Benedict Publishing Company Inc
We Are Uniforms
Spliftight Radio

Podcasts partners:
Community Connection Radio Show ft Jacey
Midweek Mashup w Mokah Soulfly
Whole Mind Body and Soul w Lawrence Coutee
The Ask Avani Show hosted by Avani
Internet Radio Stations:
SoMetro Radio
Soul Divas Radio
Yessurr FM
Nexx Level Radio
100% of the "PUT 5 ON IT" donations will be used to purchase tickets for the children

Call or text K Rose, the GM of The Get Global Network, at 214 430 9268 if you know of a child 7-12 years old that wants to see the movie, but thier family may not have the money to go. 

Put5OnIt donation progress

THANK YOU TO ALL THAT DONATED! We have raised $525!!

We will be posting informaion on when the children will see the movie SOON!

Thank you to all those who have and will donate!
This information will be updated several times daily

Thanks to the following for your generous donations here and on our Facebook Fundraiser page:
Robert Koonce
Denise Hamilton
Karen Wyatt
Atoya Callahan
Samira Umm Mohamed Maddox
Bina Beechum
Rachel Brittenham
Deverly Vidrine Orupabo
KeShowna Allen
Satori Ananda
Thonisha Barnes
Keisha Hunter
Lewis Brian
Lawrence Coutee